Guerlain is a legendary French perfume house with 175 years of outstanding business, passion and tradition. Guerlain has always used luxurious and rare materials for its perfumes, such as French vanilla or ylang-ylang from their own plantations in Comoro Islands. Beside that, Guerlain has been an innovator in use of synthetic materials: Jicky (1889) was the first perfume to which Aimé Guerlain added a synthetic component—coumarin. Perfumers for the last five generations, the Guerlain family successfully created unique harmonies, precursors for their time. They have successfully and jealously preserved these harmonies and passed them on without ever losing sight of the original values unique to the brand which are luxury, expertise, imagination, demanding standards and quality.

Guerlain perfumes are also unique because their autograph is inimitable: This “stamp” is a unique olfactory harmony, called “Guerlinade”. It is unique to Guerlain perfumers and jealously guarded by them. They include bergamot, the tonka bean and vanilla among others.

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