Born in 1883, the story of the early years of Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel has various versions, but what is known for a fact is that Chanel was taught to sew at a young age which gave her the basic skills to become one of the most iconic designers of our age. Chanel started out with a hat boutique in 1910 and by 1915 had two other boutiques that sold the simple and practical fashions of which she was to become known. Chanel shut down during World War II and did not reopen again until 1954, but with her unmistaken sense of style, Chanel was once again able to find her way to the top. 

Today Chanel continues to be one of the leading fashion houses in France offering clothing, accessories, cosmetics, skincare products and fragrances. Chanel debuted her first perfume in 1921, Chanel N°5, which was to become the single most recognized women’s fragrance in the world and the creation that most insured her fame. In 1955 Chanel’s first men’s cologne, Pour Monsieur was introduced and though the perfume was designed prior to her death in 1971, Cristalle was launched in 1974. As homage to Chanel, Coco was introduced in 1884 and Coco Mademoiselle in 2001 to appeal to the younger set. 1990 saw the introduction of the classical and bold Egoïste, a cologne for men while the fresh smelling perfume Allure was introduced in 1996, the adventurous and exciting Chance in 2002 and the spicy yet crisp Allure Sensuelle in 2006.