Davidoff was a man who understood the value of enjoying the moment, and he made this enjoyment a key part of his philosophy in his life and his business. His primary focus was on cigar-making, but his company also branched out into luxury goods including cognac, watches, eyewear, cuff links, writing instruments, and Davidoff fragrances. No matter what he created or how successful he became, he never wavered from his principles. He believed in simple, high-quality products and in enjoying life in every way possible. His purpose was to enrich the lives of others by helping them enjoy life’s good things, and he never lost sight of this goal. His genuine enthusiasm for creating and enjoying the best products resulted in countless bestselling products, including Davidoff perfume for her and him.

The company made a name for itself in the world of fragrance with its iconic Davidoff cologne for men, Cool Water. Released in 1988, Cool Water is a masculine blend of mint, rosemary, lavender, geranium, jasmine, cedar, tobacco, and amber. But while this successful scent spawned an entire line of Davidoff perfumes and colognes, from Cool Water Frozen for men to Cool Water Ocean Radiance for women, these would be far from the only offerings the company would create. The extensive lineup of Davidoff cologne for men also includes unique scents like Adventure, Champion, Echo, and Silver Shadow, and all of these Davidoff fragrances make great gifts for yourself or someone special in your life. While you can also buy Davidoff perfume for her, you’ll find that the range of Davidoff perfumes mostly consists of scents in the Cool Water line, such as Cool Water Sea Rose and Cool Water Wave. For a unique twist, try Echo Women Summer Fizz, a Davidoff perfume for her featuring bright, citrusy notes of orange, grapefruit, and bergamot combined with osmanthus, amber, peony, and rose.

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