Philosophy, founded by Cristina Carlino in 1996, is a cosmetics brand that specializes in skin care, body care and fragrances. In 2010 the company agreed to enter a partnership with Coty Inc. The company prides itself with their use of innovative technologies and science in order to develop accessible beauty products of very high quality. The products are inspired by Cristina Carlino’s belief in miracles and beauty and her endless curiosity. Philosphy’s face cream “hope in a jar” is a top-seller whose effectiveness has been scientifically proven. It helps reduce wrinkles and makes the skin look younger and was even recommended by plastic surgeons.

Their gourmand scented bath products and their make-up collection are equally successful. A collection of body care products for babies has delighted many women who prefer quality skin care products for their little ones. The fragrance line consisting of several women’s perfumes and a few unisex and men’s fragrances has grown in popularity. Cristina says that perfumes should not only smell good, but fell good as well. Amen, a scent for men, is built around notes of citruses, tea and spices on a woody-musky base. Lemon, a unisex scent with plenty of citruses, is part of the scented trilogy Tea Party which consisted of three perfumes that were supposed to be layered.

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